The Truth of the Holy Spirit

The Truth of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Trinity is commonly talked about throughout the Bible and it consists of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Each of them are God, however, each of them represent a different part of Him.

God the Father

God is our provider. Everything that is, was, and will be was created and will forever be provide by Him. He is the most holy being in existence. He is pure and perfect and always will be. However, because He is the most holy being in existence, God himself cannot come down to an imperfect world to protect, save, or just be with His people. If He did, He would no longer be pure and holy and whether we know it or now, we need Him to remain holy more than anything. But Him still being a God who is overwhelmingly in love with His people, He still provided a way for us to be saved from ourselves. He decided to send His one and only son, Jesus Christ, to come to Earth and live among us but ultimately, become our savior. 

Jesus the Son

So why did we need Jesus to come? Well, God knows that we were not always holy. We lie, we cheat, and we sin on a regular basis and if we were going by His holy law, we would all be facing death every day of our lives. While that was the law in the Old Testament, Jesus was the way out. When Jesus came, He was immediately recognized as the son of God. He was conceived by God himself and the Virgin Mary and lived publicly as our Lord until He was 12-years-old. Then, we didn't hear from Him again until He was 30.

Once Jesus came back into the public eye, He spent the next 3 years serving the very people that were made to worship Him. He taught lessons, He performed miracles, and had never ever sinned. However, His purpose on Earth was not to stay, but to die. Yes, Jesus came to die (spoiler alert: He rose again and is alive today).

But I know what you're thinking—that sounds counterintuitive doesn't it? God sent His son but His purpose was ultimately to leave us? Well, yes but let me explain.

Jesus knew God's law just like everyone else. He knew that the wages of sin were, and will always be death. So being the imperfect humans that we are, there was no way that we could save ourselves from death. So Jesus chose to be our sacrifice. While He was wanted on Earth, we needed Him to be the sacrifice and our savior more than we needed Him to stay—so he died. But before He left, He said, 

“But very truly I tell you, it is for your good that I am going away. Unless I go away, the Advocate [the Holy Spirit] will not come to you; but if I go, I will send him to you.” — John 16:7 (NIV)

Imagine that. The savior of the world, God in human form, one who lived on Earth and never sinned just said that someone is coming that is better for us than He is. Well if you ask me, I thought Jesus was pretty darn good. So that just makes you think, Jesus must’ve known something about the Holy Spirit that we didn’t know. He must’ve known how much we needed His power and guidance. So, when Jesus died, the Holy Spirit came.

The Holy Spirit

Now, who is the Holy Spirit? Well, the Holy Spirit is our helper and one might argue that He is the most misunderstood of the three. Most people, Christian or not, have no idea who He is, why He matters, or why He is even included in the Holy Trinity. However, in reality, He is responsible for many of us believing in God in the first place.

On a regular basis, the Holy Spirit speaks, guides, and leads us to God’s will for us. Often times, He is why believers can feel God, hear God, and make steps towards His will. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate prophet; "super prophet," if you will. Most notably however, He lives on the inside of us. So, if He is the proclaimer of God's will and He lives within our spirits, what does that make us? Well, proclaimers of the will of God or, in other words, prophets. Each and every one of us. Whether we hear Him or not, He still speaks.

So now, knowing the power we have from the Holy Spirit, it's time for us to start claiming and having faith in God's will over our lives. And with all that the Holy Spirit does for us, it’s time to give Him some credit for all the ways He speaks. It’s time to showcase the power He holds within us and how in return, that make us powerful. That makes us prophets. Because He lives in us, speaks to us and through us, we all can proclaim God’s will like the prophets once did. 

It’s time we recognize God’s power that exists in the Holy Spirit. He still speaks.


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